Saturday, November 1, 2008

Gay Marriage??

Although the issue of same sex marriage has not been very prominent in the current campaign season, there is still an undercurrent of discontent among those- usually evangelical Christians- who are opposed to it. There are movements for constitutional amendments, judicial prohibitions and legislative action to end this "abomination" that is certain to "destroy the fabric of the American family."

However, there are a lot of things that are already in place in our culture that really do threaten our families. There are practices that we tolerate and embrace that erode the foundation of 'traditional' families all around us. And yet, as a general rule, we do not perform the same kind of protest against any of these.
  • Divorce
  • Adultery
  • Drinking
  • Gambling
  • Fornication
  • Lying
  • Driving over the speed limit
  • Cheating on your income tax
  • Looking the other way
  • Pirating music
  • Pirating movies
  • Sharing copyrighted computer files
  • Buying term papers
  • Gossiping
  • Slandering
  • Being hateful
Every one of these- and many more- are clearly sin when viewed in light of the Bible. Everyone of these is against the will of God. Some of these are even illegal. Every one will lead to other sins and/ or be injurious to your own virtue. Consequently, every one of these sins will unravel the fabric of your family.

So the question is this: Why is gay marriage so much more important than any other? 

If you are going to be serious about standing up for God's will and word, then you must begin by having a consistent life that seeks to obey at every point.

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