Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Aliens and Angels, part 2

Last week I went with the family to see the Disney/Pixar movie WALL*E. As usual, I came away amazed at the animation (although I think I am now officially at animated movie saturation level). The story was excellent, if a little bit preachy. This is definitely not a movie for only children. In fact, it may prove to be completely unappealing to children altogether.

And although the movie is primarily about a robot who lives on earth after our planet has been abandoned by all the humans, I was struck by the humanness of the robots. In fact, I was reminded about the humanness of all aliens and robots in all movies that I have seen. It could be that we humans are so unimaginative that we cannot comprehend creatures without roundish heads and two eyes. There are always arm-like appendages on science fiction creatures. Why is this?

Aliens, and angels for that matter, probably bear little, if any resemblance to humans. Remember that any creature created was made by the same being who gave us the earth worm, the elephant and the duck billed platypus. Creatures from other planets do not have to look like us.

Take a trip to your local zoo. You deserve it. You have been working hard. Challenge yourself to stay away from the primates. They look pretty much like us, after all. Notice the diversity with which God created. Reptiles, fish, marsupials, birds, mammals are amazing in their differentness. That does not even take into account all the insects, microbes and plant life that we do not want to see at the zoo. So why must aliens look like us?

I'm not sure that I believe in "aliens," but I do believe in angels. Isn't it possible that alien encounters are really angelic encounters? And isn't it possible that there is life on other planets, or in other dimensions, that looks nothing like what we know?

I firmly believe that faith in God is not threatened by such consideration. I am encouraged to eliminate all the artificial limits that I have put on God. He can do anything, anywhere, any time.

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