Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Two Ways

I have been on a personal self-improvement quest over the last several months. There are several aspects to this venture, but the most obvious and the most significant is that I am working to improve my communications with people. This blog is one attempt to do that very thing. I am writing here so that people can know what I am thinking about things.

In addition, I have made, and continue to make several changes in my local setting. I am making my plans more well-known. I am providing weekly emails to my congregation outlining events, schedules, etc. I am including sermon topics and Scriptures in many publications (paper and online). I am working hard to communicate.

But it has occurred to me that communication goes two ways. I can give you all sorts of information, but there is more to the equation.
  • For communication to be effective, I have to give you information. I cannot assume that you know anything that I know. I need to tell you over and over again.
  • For communication to be effective, I have to listen to the response you have to my information. There is an inherent give and take in effective communication.
  • For communication to be effective, you have to share information with me. I can spew out information all day long, but you have to give information as well.
  • For communication to be effective, you have to hear the information that I am offering. That means paying attention, listening and absorbing information that is offered.

Communicating is one of the hardest- and most important- things that we do. I am constantly working to improve my communications. You should do the same.

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