Friday, June 6, 2008

A New Thing?

It is too soon to tell, but we may be seeing a new thing. I know, that seems awfully dramatic and I am sure there is at least a little bit of hyperbole contained in that statement. But why don't you judge.

Readers of this blog will know that I periodically address issues concerning teens, young adults and particularly ministry to young people. It is a very important thing to my heart. And although my job description- in real life and on this blog- do not necessarily bear this out, I believe that a big part of my life is to work with young people and encourage them to move into leadership.

In recent years we have seen more and more young people getting serious about there faith. Some examples of this phenomenon include the growth of Passion Conferences, Teen Mania and other missions organizations devoted to recruiting and deploying teens throughout the world, and the increase in emerging, or post-modern churches and congregations. Whatever you think of the practices and theology of the emerging movement, it is bringing young people to the church and life to dead places.

I think that I am seeing this new thing "up close and personal." Last week the youth of my denomination made a stand at our regional Annual Conference. Although the issues are insignificant in terms of the church at large, or even my denomination in particular, our young people are proclaiming their faith and asking to be encouraged, supported and taken seriously.

Here is what they are trying to do...
  • They are recruiting more teens from across North Indiana. Their purpose is to encourage committed Christian kids and to draw new teens to Christ.
  • They are building a support network of adults to advise, encourage and assist them. They are wise enough to know that credibility and respect are still beyond their years and their experience. They are turning to others to counsel and help them.
  • They are using many tools to communicate with each other and with others. They are using all the normal tools that teens typically rely on, email, texting, IMing and cell phones. But they are also trying to build a web-presence starting with a blog (

I am looking forward to seeing what inspiration and energy can do. I am excited to see what the future of the church and ministry in general can be.

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