Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekly Prayer Thought

You are great, O Lord GOD. For there is none like You, nor is there any God besides You, according to all that we have heard with our ears. 2 Samuel 7.22

We get bombarded these days with all sorts of advertising and marketing messages. The most significant of these approaches includes information about how a product is "better," "greater," "faster," "new and improved" or "lower fat." It doesn't take me long before I stop listening. After all, isn't everything newer and better than it used to be? One danger is that this approach to marketing will cause us to diminish the importance of other things in our lives. We will take our marriages for granted because it is not new and sexy. We will look for a new thrill at work. We can get bored with our relationship with God himself. How sad this is.

And yet here we learn that there is no one who is quite like God. He is greater than anyone or anything. He is greater than anyone or anything. There is nothing that I have ever heard of, or ever will hear of that will ever compare to the greatness, power and majesty of God. So, when the latest reality program on television promises to be "must see tv," remember that as good as it is, as fulfilling and fun as it seems, God is greater.

PRAYER: Good God, great and mighty Lord of all, reveal yourself to us. Help us to see your majesty above all that we know. Remind us of your greatness and keep us in your care. We pray in the name of your son, Jesus. Amen

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