Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Categories and Pigeonholes

Here is a pet-peeve, a big problem and a flaw in my character. In fact, I think that most of us are snobs in one way or another. And although there are some prejudices that get more attention than others- racism, ageism, sexism- all are equally bad. Just because a person is different, does not make you better.

There are several ways that I categorize others that have very little to do with ethnicity, religion, age or gender. I am a snob in some unusual ways. I don't like my feelings, but I have them. I, like everyone, need to be working to eliminate by bigotries. I need to not be a snob.

I believe that confession is the first step to improving your life. So here I go. This is the first day of a new attitude.
  • I am prejudiced against people who have what I consider bad, or no, taste in music. This is a problem because anyone who knows me will tell you that my musical preferences are weird, to say the least. I am not superior to someone else just because I have different selections on my iPod (or on my turntable).
  • I am prejudiced against people who are not in my denomination. Although I am working very hard at this one, I still have problems. By their very nature, denominations divide. When I joined mine, I joined because I thought it had the best practices and doctrines. That automatically puts me at odds with everyone else. I need to realize that they are not "less right" than me, they are just different.
  • I am prejudiced to those who have less education than me. I hate to admit this one more than any of the others. I struggle with this every day. Education, especially secondary and graduate education, breeds a certain amount of elitism. I know that I am no smarter than anyone else, and I need to remember that my education only makes me more fortunate than others, not better than them.
  • I am prejudiced against those who have bad taste in comedy. Again, this is a completely subjective category, like the music. People who rave over belching jokes are too immature for me. They need some growth and experience to learn what is truly funny. But at the same time, what I consider great comedy is pretty obscure. Most people would just think I am weird. I need to get a life on this point.

I could expand this list with several more entries. There are plenty that could be added. But, I have done enough soul-baring for now. Hopefully, my confession will lead me to greater understanding and patience, and will encourage you to look at things and people differently as well.

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Paula said...

Dewey, I am very proud of you.
You are so right; we all have our own prejudices and need to work on every one. Thank you for being willing to step out and admit yours