Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cause vs. Call

It is very easy to get caught up in and consumed with a cause. There are many to choose from: global warming, save the whales, anti-war, pro-choice, civil rights, gun rights, etc. The list could go on forever. I have been committed to causes in my lifetime- many causes.

Usually I get inspired by a dynamic speaker or a great injustice. I see a problem and I want to do everything I can to solve the problem. I will give money, volunteer, speak out, almost anything to bring attention and assistance to the elimination of some difficulty. The problem is that almost always, I get bored. My attention span is usually shorter than the problem requires. I have great respect and admiration for those who are filled with enough substance to fight on at all costs.

Me, I go from one cause to another. Last week it was AIDS orphans in Africa. This week child slavery and human trafficking. Next week it will likely be poverty in America's cities. My causes change. I bounce from one to another. Consequently, I accomplish very little for any of my causes.

That brings me to a very important distinction. Causes do change, but callings never do. I believe that when you are called to a certain thing, you do not get bored with it. You are able to devote all your energy and your entire life to it. This was the case with William Wilberforce and his war on the slave trade in 18th century England. Martin Luther King, Jr and the US civil rights movement of the 1960's is another great example. There are many more that we can point to throughout history: Gandhi, Joan of Arc, Mother Theresa.

So what are you called to? What is it that you can give your whole life to? What would you die for? When you get bored with all the causes of the world, spend some time in reflection to hear what God is calling you to do with your life.

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