Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"All your dreams will come true..."

I am an idealist. I believe that things ought to be handled the right way. I think that good things can happen. I try to see the best in people. I believe in second chances (and third and fourth chances). I look for the silver lining- always. I am a dreamer. I am always trying to make things better, smoother, faster, easier. Its just who I am and how I am made.

I try to encourage others to be more positive in outlook. I try to point out the good qualities in those around me. I want everyone to be more positive. Sometimes I appear to be a Pollyanna, but I would rather be that than complain about everything.

I do not believe that everything always works out in a positive way. I know that bad things happen and I cannot always explain it. When that happens bad things move quickly to tragedy. But I have learned that there are some things I can do to make things better, more positive. They will not make all my dreams come true, as Napoleon Dynamite is famous for saying, but they will make more of my dreams come true.
  • Believe in your dreams. If you don't believe it, no one will.
  • Write your dreams. When you write it down it becomes more permanent. You will be reminded of it regularly. You cannot escape your dreams when they are staying back at you. When you write you create an historical record.
  • Pray your dreams. Giving your hopes and dreams to God is never a bad idea. In fact, he will help to refine and perfect your dreams. What better advocate can you have for your dreams than God himself.
  • Tell someone else your dream. When you speak your dream you move into a relationship of compatibility. You create an atmosphere that is very risky, vulnerable. Others might make fun or dismiss your dream. If your dream is worthwhile you will hold on to it.

Dreams come from God. So, dream on.

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