Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Adopt-a-Block Proposal

Purpose: Because we cannot expect hurting and unchurched persons to come to our worship services, we will take the message of the grace of God to them. We will become pastors to the various neighborhoods in and around Argos. Our priority will be to build relationships with people who need the grace of Christ, but may not even know it. We will serve everyone regardless of their past or their present reality. We believe that God is no respecter of persons, and therefore, we cannot judge or condemn either. We will work to build up those who are struggling, hurting, lonely, isolated and victimized. We will serve those who feel as though they do not need God. We will love all and serve all, while lifting up One.

Outline: The Adopt-a-Block ministry will include (but not be limited to) the following-

  • Each week (probably Saturday) a group from the church will serve in the same neighborhoods.

  • We will go in groups of two or three to knock on each door in the neighborhood.

  • We will ask for pray concerns and work requests.

  • We will become friends, mentors and confidants to those we serve.

  • We will clean and sweep the streets, walks and yards in the neighborhood.

  • We will collect and dispose of trash and debris.

  • We will offer assistance in any way we can.

  • If we cannot make contact with someone at a home, we will leave a connection card.

  • We will offer to pray for the residents of the neighborhood.

  • We will leave church and personal contact information so that residents may follow up with us as needed.

Philosophy: The most important elements of the Adopt-a-Block ministry are:

  • Consistency- We must be regular (weekly) with our contacts and visits.

  • Perseverance- We must be willing to continue this ministry for several months (years).

  • Relationships- We must be willing to love others and allow them to love us.

  • Transparency- We must be real. Phoniness will be recognized immediately.


February- Brainstorming and approval of ministry.

Promoting ministry to the congregation.

Prayer for success of ministry.

March- Recruiting of volunteer ministers.

Selection and scouting of neighborhoods.

Prayer for success of ministry.

April- Details of work projects finalized.

First Adopt-a-Block Saturdays.

May- First big event outreaches (block party)

Potential Ministries:

  • Feeding program

  • Home repair and maintenance

  • Emergency child care

  • Children's ministry

  • Community give aways

  • Job fair/ employment preparation

  • Worship services

  • Parenting workshops

  • Cooking classes

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