Monday, March 28, 2011


Here are some observations/ experiences/ opinions that I have developed about people welcoming one another and being generally friendly.
  • When I visit churches that are not my own church, I feel most welcomed in African-American congregations (even though I am often the only Caucasian present.
  • Christians, in general, love to reach to others as long as they come to church and it takes minimal effort on our part.
  • We love to welcome people who look like us, think like us and behave like us.
  • We love to be friendly to people in our own social and financial circles.
  • Most people love it if you are friendly and welcoming to them.
The problem with all these things is that we are too inconsistent. We love to think that we are welcoming, often without actually being welcoming.

There are large numbers of people in every community who are open to our invitations and advances. If we are willing to be welcoming and open, there are plenty of people who are accepting of us.
  • There are the elderly who have been forgotten by family and who have out-lived their friends. They are waiting for you and I to be friendly to them.
  • There are the homeless, poor and drug addicts who feel as though no one gives them a chance. We should be willing to be open to them. Welcome and care for all types of people.
  • There are young people who feel alienated and ignored by their elders. We ought to treat young people as for real humans, not as children who need our constant protection, oversight and rules.
  • There are people who look different that we do. We should be open and accepting of all the people who are children of God.
So, to everyone, I say: WELCOME.

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