Thursday, March 3, 2011

Inside Out

I've been thinking about problems in our world. I guess I do that more than I should, or maybe more than is healthy for me. I came across a new one, though. Here are some of the problems that have been occupying my mind of late.
  • The divorce rate in America is profanely too high.
  • Pornography is ruining lives, relationships and communities in epidemic proportions.
  • Prostitution is more widespread than anyone, including law enforcement personnel, is aware.
  • Cosmetic surgery, fashion, diets and makeup are all HUGE industries in our country.
  • Promiscuity, in all its forms, is rampant in every community.
  • Pop culture is consumed with the latest scandal involving Britney, Lindsay or Charlie.
All of these problems are caused by the same few things. I am sure that there are more problems that can be included, but this will give us a start.
  1. To begin with, we American humans are focusing almost exclusively on external stimuli. We do not see the inside of Britney, only how her external parts excite and titillate us. Very few people (maybe no one) know who she really is. And sadly, most of us do not care. We choose our favorite movies on the basis of who the stars are. We might choose our mate based on the way they look or how they make us feel. This is most unfortunate.
  2. Although we are initially attracted to others based on appearance, often we do not get beyond that surface impression. The value of another person is only the aesthetic of external beauty. When my wife no longer turns me on, we conclude, she is no longer of any value to me.
  3. A consequence of this appearance-driven ethic is that we developed warped ideas about our own value. We feel as though we are less important when we are less attractive. We get uncomfortable when people are interested in our internal stuff. Life gets complicated below the surface. Self esteem and self confidence are harder when they have to do with attitudes, opinions, values, personality and beliefs more than the way we look.
  4. Looking at someone and appreciating their beauty, although a worthwhile endeavor, should never take the place of knowing someone and caring for their person.
  5. My value is not based on what someone else thinks of me, or even the way I look. My value is based on God's love for me, and my ability to know and be myself, the way God intended.

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