Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why I Worship at McDonald's

Some of you know that I spend a lot of time at McDonald's (or Wendy's or Burger King or the local coffee shop). I spend about one day each week at such places. I meet a lot of people at McDonald's- like the salesman whose mother-in-law died, or the woman from California who lost her children. My McDonald's time is not haphazard or indiscriminate, however. I have several reasons for doing such a thing (some much better than others). What follows are my Top Ten Reasons to worship God at McDonald's.

10. There are no interruptions. There is no phone to answer at McDonald's. No television. No drop-ins. For the most part, I get left alone.

9. There are free drink refills at McDonald's. I can sit there all day for just over a dollar, and never get thirsty. (I also get to use the restroom a lot.)

8. I get a great opportunity to be a witness. Sure, it's a silent witness, but dozens of people see me in a public place reading my Bible, journaling, praying. I have my devotional time, which I would have anyway, in a place where people can see that I take my faith seriously.

7. Greasy food. I love fast food. It's close. It's cheap.

6. There are a lot of opportunities for ministry. At Wendy's I have gotten to know some of the employees. I am able to show concern for their lives and interests. I also get many opportunities to share with my fellow customers at all my favorite places.

5. I get to build relationships with people that I would not get to know in any other way. At some of the places I go, they know me by name. At others, I know them. In many cases I am getting to know the regular customers as well.

4. There is a spacious work environment. When I go to McDonald's I take my briefcase. It has my Bible, my journal, other books and several work projects in it. One booth has plenty of room for me and all my stuff.

3. Going fast food serves as a cultural reminder. Most of the people that I spend time with on a daily basis are church people. They are people who attend my church, or a previous church, or pastors of a different church. Church people are a minority in the general population. It is good for me to get out and mingle with "real people" once in awhile.

2. There is just enough noise and distraction to keep me from getting bored.

And the number one reason why I worship God at McDonald's...

1. I love watching people. (The playground at McDonald's is one of my very favorite places to read the Bible.)

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tammy miller said...

so, dewey...I LOVE IT!!! I personally some of my best conversation come from these places, because there matter race, weight, money, age, & life...we are all there for samething and we know that and it is pleole tent to feel they can say things there they sometimes can't in their own house. Just thought i would share! loce ya & bless you ..tammy miller