Friday, June 12, 2009

Football Cheers

When I was in school I secretly wanted to be a cheerleader. However, my school had no boy cheerleaders. It was the late 1970's after all, and being a cheerleader was a very feminine thing. Boys in the band's color guard or cheerleaders were looked on with suspicion. We worried about whether they were actually men or not.

So my dreams of leading cheers were suppressed for another day and another generation. But I secretly wrote cheers. I wrote several. I have since shared my cheers with my daughter (also not a cheerleader). Now it is time to come completely clean. Here are my cheers. Enjoy.

For a tie game:
"We're ahead. We're ahead. So are you!"

When your team is on defense:
"Run and fall on your bun. Run and fall on your bun!"

For anytime:
"If you fall on the grass, you'll get a stain on your... pants!"

As I reflect on these now, 30 years later, maybe it is no wonder that they didn't let people like me be cheerleaders.

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Paula said...

that was just way too funny !