Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What I Believe About the Future

I have written in the past all the reasons that I am excited about the future. Even in light of the current economic, social and moral climate of our nation, I am still eagerly anticipating what is yet to come. I believe in hope. I try to have a positive approach to what will happen. Things today are better than they were for my grandparents- economically, socially, technologically and even medically- and I have no reason to believe that those improvements will not continue throughout my lifetime. (Just think how great things will be for my great-grandchildren.)

But there are some specific things that I believe about the future. I believe these things because of what is taught in the Bible. I believe these things because they are in line with the tradition of the orthodox Christian faith. I believe these things because they make sense. And I believe these because I have hope that things will always get better.

  • No matter what happens God is in charge. The Almighty God, Creator of the universe and Savior of the world is in control of everything. If he is good, the future is safe. And we know from the Scriptures that God is always good.
  • Governments and policy-makers become less important if we believe that God’s will will be done. If God is in charge, then it matters less who is in charge. Remember that in the Bible the Lord often used pagan kings to accomplish his plans.
  • God will win the ultimate conflict of the ages. If you read the end of the story, you will see very clearly that God sets up his kingdom. He rules in heaven and on earth.
  • God will not leave us to our own devices. He has promised that he will return to rescue us. We are not unattended or uncared for.
  • God’s will is that we continue to work for and toward his kingdom. Our tendency could easily be to give up. If God is in charge and the future is secure, why should we worry about it or work for it? But we are responsible to do God’s work and will always.
  • Every circumstance in my life- good or bad- will be used by God for my good and my growth. Although I often worry, although I am frequently discouraged, I know that God is taking care of me and my future.

Several years ago there was a very popular song called The Future’s so Bright I Gotta Wear Shades. That song is truer now than ever. Things are looking up and I am excited about it.

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