Monday, August 18, 2008

Calvin Miller

I first read Calvin Miller when I was in college. Someone suggested that I should read The Singer, so I did. I loved it. I read the rest of the trilogy and then began to read everything I could by Miller. He is now officially one of my favorite authors. I have read his fiction, poetry and non-fiction. His work on preaching is excellent for preachers. But lately I have been influenced by his books on prayer and spirituality.

The Path of Celtic Prayer, and then, Celtic Devotions are excellent. I have been very encouraged to read about the spirituality of the Celts and now am finding that my prayer life is expanding. Let me mention just two aspects of this transformation.

The Celts prayed about everything. There was nothing to mundane or insignificant to pray about. This is good for me to remember when I think that God cannot be interested in my problems because they are not as important as an earthquake or a disease. God is concerned about every step I take and every thought that I entertain.

The Celts were deeply spiritual. If I were to truly pray about everything (WWJD?), that would make me much more spiritually aware than I am now. The Celts can, and will, revolutionize my spiritual life.

I commend to you anything written by Calvin Miller, but more importantly, I commend to you prayer (about everything).

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