Thursday, October 27, 2011

Church Goals- Fall Winter

  1. Evaluate and enhance the adult Sunday School program.

    1. Should we focus on fellowship or learning?

    2. Should our classes be lecture or discussion based?

    3. Should we encourage student participation, or allow for anonymity?

  1. Personal Discipleship should be emphasized and planned.

    1. Bible Reading Program for 2012

    2. Prayer Emphasis

      1. Lenten Prayer Experiment

      2. Prayer Groups

  1. Hire (initially on a temporary-basis) a children's director/ youth intern.

    1. The position would start January 15, 2012.

    2. Children's Director would work with Children's Council, Kid's Club, etc.

  1. Provide Practical resources for community members.

    1. Financial planning and budgeting classes/ seminars

    2. Life planning and life coaching.

    3. Job skills assistance (including, job search, resume writing, etc.)

    4. Parenting skills assistance

  1. Establish a Sermon work group. This group would assist the SPRC and pastor by,

    1. Assisting with research for sermon topics and series.

    2. Assisting in planning upcoming sermons and series.

    3. Discussing and offering feedback for sermons.

  1. Plan a Confirmation Class with confirmation on Palm Sunday, 2012.

  1. Plan a new members class for early 2012.

  1. Establish a pastoral visitation plan.

    1. Offer parishioners an opportunity to invite the pastor to their homes.

    2. Sign-ups will begin in November 2011.

    3. Day and night time visits will be available.

  1. Re-visit the Church Mission Statement.

  1. Continue to renew the emphasis on youth ministry.

  1. Continue to work with the Finance Committee to address and solve the financial shortfalls that are currently causing us difficulty.

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