Monday, February 7, 2011

What I Believe About God (for non-theologians)

I believe that God is good. There is no evil, retribution or ill-intent in his nature. He supplies his children with new mercies each day. His love knows no end.

I believe that God has made all that is and he sustains it at all times. We cannot escape his creation. It is everywhere we look, and always surrounds us. We are a part of his creation and dependent upon him for our very lives and well-being.

I believe that God does not enjoy "acts of God." They are a result of the fallen nature of man. God is good and earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis only exist because the world, including humanity is in revolt against God himself.

I believe that God loves people. It is in his nature to love us. After all, he is love itself.

I believe that God is patient and long-suffering. Although we often violate the trust that God has in us, he sticks with us. He is faithful when we are faithless. He continues to love us, no matter what we say, do or believe.

I believe that God is not oppressive. He will not force or coerce anyone into believing in him. God offers us the choice to follow him, and then respects what we decide to do with the choice.

I believe that God is present and active in our lives. We may not always notice him, or recognize his work, but God is always there. In fact, he is all around us, all the time. We cannot escape him, no matter where we go or what we do.

I believe that God is close at hand. He is not far away and removed from our presence. He is right here. He is near to all who look for him.

I believe that God wants people to know him. It is his desire (and in our best interest) to spend time with God. We need to get plugged in to who he is and what he wants for us.

I believe that God knows everything- and that means EVERYTHING. He is knowledgeable on every topic. He knows all that we do or think. God knows.

I believe that God can do anything. There is nothing too great for him. He is not limited by our ideas of time and space. He is powerful, wise and strong.

I believe that God has everything under control. He is not surprised by current events. He knows what he is doing and is in charge all the time.

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