Monday, February 26, 2007

30 Year Plan

I used to be in a great big hairy hurry to accomplish things. I thought that the sooner I accomplished each thing the better off I would be. After all, if I did it quicker, I could do more. It is the American Way to think like this. But I have changed my mind. To that end, I think that it is critical to think more long term.
Today I believe that 'long term vision requires long term commitment requires long term resources. On the one hand, this way of thinking slows down all that we do, but the quality goes up markedly. It takes a lot longer to do things, but the things that get done are greater.
  • For the next thirty years I plan to build people, not programs. Programs will be tools to build big people. There will always be a place in my life for new programs, inventive ideas and creative resources, but my priority will be to encourage, enrich and disciple men and women. There will not be a focus on purpose-driven, seeker-sensitive, or whatever the next great idea is. I will focus on people, not programs.
  • For the next thirty years I plan to spend time, not money. Money is a necessary evil in our world, but it should never take the place of investing our time and our hearts in what is really important. I will not throw my money at problems that I am not willing to invest my time in.
  • For the next thirty years I plan to do stuff, not pray that someone else will do it. I plan to be involved and active in life, community and ministry. I will not ask someone else to do something that I am not willing to do with them.

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